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SW Productions Team


SW Productions is comprised on a combination of complimentary skills that come from experience that we have gained from our varied backgrounds in the creative sector. 

Tom is an experienced cameraman, artistic producer and strong visual stylist and takes inspiration from his years spent living in Hawaii. When it comes to storytelling, Tom has an art of connecting the audience with keeping them engaged and relating to their emotions while leaving a memorable impression. 

Mark is a driven business executive and qualified drone pilot, specialising in capturing the perfect drone cinematography to suit the project at hand.

Mark is passionate about speaking up for the environment and social justice matters, so producing films for current affairs in the form of documentaries is close to his heart. Through video, his ambition is to inspire, create a positive impact and push progression throughout society.

In 2020 we made our first short documentary about the Black Lives Matter Movement, from there we had a passion to continue creating captivating material to inspire others - SW Productions was born.

If you are a brand, business owner or artist looking for game changing content, we are ready to work with you to create incomparable visuals.

Our Clients

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