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Let’s Celebrate World Oceans Day!


In honor of World Oceans Day, we reflect on our journey and the immense importance of protecting our oceans. Join us as we delve into the beauty, significance, and vastness of these remarkable bodies of water. From the mesmerizing marine life to the delicate balance of marine ecosystems, we explore the intricate web that sustains life on Earth.

The ‘REEL’ Customer Experience: South West Surfacing Specialists


"Hands down by far the best company I've worked with so far. That's why they're still with me." These are the resounding words of Wayne Hambley, owner of South West Surfacing Specialists, as he shares his heartfelt testimonial about his collaboration with SW Productions. As a resin driveway specialist company, Wayne understands the importance of exceptional visual content to showcase his craftsmanship. And with SW Productions by his side, he has found the perfect partner to bring his brand to life.



When life gives you shit, make a surfboard. As an act of defiance and a middle finger to the water companies, we made a surfboard out of the sewage that's polluting our shores. Made entirely of ocean waste, 'The Floater' was created in collaboration with sustainable designer, Nail Jones, with raw sewage in every element.

The ‘REEL’ Customer Experience: Pilkington Estates


Discover how Pilkington Estates, a real estate company, improved their customer experience with the help of a SW Productions. In this customer review, learn how the video content created by the SW Productions has helped Pilkington Estates to showcase their properties and engage with potential customers more effectively.

The Royal Tweet: SW Productions is Recognised by Royal Family


Join SW Productions as we share our experience collaborating with Different View Photography to film the Queen's Green Canopy Ceremony in Plymouth, UK. Witness the dedication of Plymouth's kelp forest to the late Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family's recognition on Twitter. Read about the personal significance of the local beaches and kelp forest, where we grew up and have many cherished memories.

Our Year in Review: 2022


Reflect on our favourite highlights of the past year at SW Productions. From festivals to corporate events, and international locations, read about our journey of capturing unforgettable moments and producing high-quality video content for our clients.

Our new website is live!


Join us as we unveil our brand new website and explore all the exciting new features and improvements. From improved navigation to fresh content, our new site is designed to provide the best user experience and showcase our latest work. Learn about our journey to launch and what you can expect from our online presence moving forward.